Transfer Information - Permission to Contact: Self-Release Form

Transfers - Use this form so you may contact Alverno College's athletics staff members (including coaches) about a possible transfer.

An athletics staff member or other representatives of the institution's athletics interests shall not make any contact in any manner with a student-athlete of another NCAA or NAIA four year collegiate institution, directly or indirectly, without first obtaining written permission to do so, regardless of who makes the initial contact.

If you are currently at a Division III institution, you can complete the NCAA Self-Release Form. E-Mail it to the Director of Athletics at Alverno College. This form will allow contact between you and the Alverno coach for up to 30 days beginning with the date the permission to contact form was signed by the perspective student-athlete.

Once the initial self-release form has been received, no representative from Alverno is allowed to contact your current institution. After the 30-day window, Alverno may contact your current school if you decide to pursue a transfer. Other options and parameters regarding a second release and an additional 30 days will be explained to you during the process. Although we are not allowed to contact your current institution during this process, we highly encourage you to talk to your current coach about a possible transfer to Alverno.

If you are currently attending a Division I or II institution, you must obtain a written release stating that your current school grants Alverno permission to contact you. This permission can be obtained through the director of athletics or compliance officer at your current Division I or II institution. Your compliance officer will contact Alverno directly. At that point you may contact the coach or they may contact you.