Alverno Athletics A-Club

Alverno Athletics A-Club

2017-18 Supporters


Suzanne Felan

Jim and Mary Sue Oppermann


Janet and Vincent Martin




Team Captains

Mike & Joan Jobst

Marilyn J. Petersen

Mike & Kristen Greif

Mike and Joan Mathies

Rose Purpero Spang


Donna and Rick Haines

Marian Korn

Siri Laurin

Anita Nelson

Charlene M. Greif

David and Judy Leslie

Barbara D. Laurin

Robin Jacobsen

Jack and Dolores Badke

Mari-Anne Hechmann

Rae Ellen Sena

Frederick A. Muth Jr. 

Kathy Lake

Greg and Mary Zehner


Sherry and Terry Wilmore

Theresa Vick

Jim Jaskolski, Jaskolski and Jaskolski, SC

Steven Sulikowski

Jim and Mo Haines

Janet Bowman

Ruth Zehner

Steve and Monica Jeske

Kim Veverka

Mr. and Mrs. George Bowman

Steven and Sharron Reinhold

Christopher Lentz

Brian and Nathalie Kelsey

Tom and Sande Schneider

Quentin Calvin Boone

Elizabeth and Maurice Hood

Steve and Melanie LaPorte

Bill and Sandy Mathies

Jeff Weyand

Shirley McCallum

Lisa Van Netzel

Jeff Salisbury

Kenny and Jo Lynn Kelsey