Alverno Student-Athletes Honored As NACC Scholar-Athletes

Alverno Student-Athletes Honored As NACC Scholar-Athletes

MILWAUKEE -- Alverno College student-athletes stood out in the classroom as 33 Inferno were named Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference Scholar-Athletes for the 2014-15 academic year.

Student-athletes that compete in the conference must maintain a grade point average of 3.25 or higher for the current academic year to be eligible for the honor -- though Alverno does not administer traditional grades. Instead, teaching and learning at Alverno are enhanced by assessment of a student's individual progress and by giving meaningful feedback.

The Department of Athletics has worked out a process with the faculty to review the records of the student-athletes' performances and determine if the year's academic work would be comparable to a student from a school with a GPA of 3.25 or greater.

This partnership allows the Inferno student-athletes who work hard both in the classroom and on the court or field to be recognized and honored by the NACC, as the other member institutions' student-athletes are.

Listed are Alverno's 2014-15 Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference Scholar-Athletes:

Devin Bach Sr. Tennis
Katelyn Bartlett So. Basketball, Golf, Soccer
Genevieve Bauman So. Volleyball
Alexis Botsford So. Softball
Andrea Diaz    Jr. Soccer
Sarah Brumett Fr. Softball
Asia Butler-Yeo Fr. Tennis
Erin Dulek Sr. Softball
Julie Gallegos Jr. Basketball
Alison Hamann Fr. Soccer
Kristin Holub So. Golf, Softball
K.D. Jones So. Basketball
Libby Kent Jr. Tennis
Meranda Masse So. Volleyball
Tessa Mersberger So. Basketball
Neysel Powell Jr. Soccer
Jenna Reed So. Soccer
Ashlie Rossi Fr. Golf, Softball
Casey Scheibengraber Sr. Soccer
Danielle Schilawski So. Volleyball
Olivia Schneider Fr. Softball
Danielle Schwanke So. Volleyball
Hayley Serketich So. Soccer
Stephanie Skibba Jr. Softball
Kayla Soliday So. Cross Country
Jennifer Totten Sr. Basketball, Cross Country
Cali Trepp Sr. Volleyball
Jackie Vanderkolk So. Soccer
Alli Weil Sr. Cross Country
Jessica Wewers Fr. Volleyball
Melissa Weyand Fr. Basketball, Volleyball
Laeren Yates So. Tennis
Lidia Zurcher Fr. Soccer